An AI Future: Einstein's or Frankenstein's?


As I discuss at length in my recent book "The Weaponization of AI and the Internet," our human society is experiencing the very earliest beginnings of an expansively disruptive information revolution. Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled algorithms and automated machines are transforming our society, our daily lives, and potentially even our views of what it means to be "human" more rapidly and completely than we can possibly contemplate. Critical uncertainties remain regarding whether -- through our inventions -- we are inevitably outsmarting ourselves. Optimists among us believe that AI-assisted human intelligence will ultimately provide us with near-magical tools for alleviating suffering and realizing human potential. Some holding this vision foresee that super-intelligent AI systems will enable us to comprehend presently unknowable vast mysteries of the Universe, and to solve humanity's most vexing questions such as eradication of diseases, natural resource depletion and world hunger.

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