Toptal Launches Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Talent Specializations


The new service offerings will leverage Toptal's unparalleled network of global talent to help businesses staff artificial intelligence and data science projects Toptal, a global network of top talent in business, design, and technology that enables companies to scale their teams, on-demand, today announced the launch of its two new on-demand talent specializations to meet the rising demand for skilled artificial intelligence and data science engineers. Tapping into Toptal's private network of highly skilled software professionals, the new specialized service will connect organizations with freelance artificial intelligence and data science professionals who are experts in machine learning, deep learning, data architecture, and data mining. "Businesses across every sector are moving quickly to leverage the power of artificial intelligence and data science optimization. For many of them, access to high-quality talent is the critical hurdle," said Taso Du Val, Toptal co-founder and CEO. "With these service offerings, Toptal is providing businesses with the unique opportunity to quickly staff their AI and data science initiatives with elite talent. Our company was made by engineers for engineers, so we care deeply about matching our clients with experts who have the exact skills and real-world experience they need to realize their goals."

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