How a fake war photojournalist totally fooled media organisations around the world


Someone has pulled off one of the most spectacular cons in the history of photojournalism by tricking established media outlets and his 120,000 Twitter followers into thinking that he was a conflict photographer. SEE ALSO: That viral'Game of Thrones' photo is totally fake news "Eduardo Martins," a blond and handsome 32-year-old from Sao Paulo, Brazil, supposedly survived childhood leukemia to become a sought-after, accomplished war photojournalist for the UN with a passion for surfing. His fake images of conflict in Gaza, Syria, and Iraq were delivered to agencies such as Getty Images, Zuma, and NurPhoto and published in The Wall Street Journal, Le Monde, The Telegraph, and BBC Brazil. His now-deleted Instagram profile had over 120,000 followers. Except all of this was exposed as a lie, thanks to the attentive eye of some fellow photographers and a BBC Brazil journalist named Natasha Ribeiro.

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