Nanox raises $59M more for low-cost, downsized scanning tech to replace X-rays – TechCrunch


Israeli startup Nanox has big ambitions to take on the world of medical imaging and imaging analytics with hardware that reduces the size and cost of scanning equipment, plus software that improves the quality of images and the insights you can gain from them. Today, Nanox is announcing another big step ahead in that plan: it's raised another $59 million in funding, closing out its Series B at $110 million, to continue building its full-body scanning hardware and securing more customers. The money is coming from a range of strategic investors that include SK Telecom, Industrial Alliance (the Canadian insurance group), Foxconn and Yozma Korea, and it has arrived swiftly on the heels of $51 million delivered in two tranches, the most recent being in June from strategic investor SK Telecom, which is building a factory to manufacture Nanox hardware in South Korea. The company is not disclosing its valuation but in June, it was $600 million, and from what we understand this is likely to be the company's last fundraise before it goes public, although a timeline for the latter has not been set (and never say never in the world of startup funding, of course). Ran Poliakine, Nanox's founder and CEO, said in an interview that today the startup makes the majority of its revenues from licensing deals: it provides IP to manufacturers like Foxconn, SK and Fuji (another investor) to build devices based on its concepts, and the plan is to have some 15,000 scanners out in the market over the next several years.

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