Self-driving cars might get their own lane on Interstate 94


Self-driving vehicles may get their very own lanes along a stretch of the bustling Interstate 94 in Wisconsin. Wisconsin transportation officials are considering the futuristic option because the electronics manufacturing giant Foxconn -- whose Chinese factory produces up to half a million iPhones a day -- confirmed in October that it will build a 20 million square-foot flat-screen factory in Racine County, Wisconsin. This will inevitably bring a ton of commerce-related traffic to the region, so Foxconn asked state officials to consider a self-driving vehicle lane to more efficiently move things to and from the factory. SEE ALSO: Waymo's autonomous cars don't need humans in the driver's seat anymore It appears the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is taking the request seriously. "Yes, it is something we are looking at," Michael Pyritz, spokesman for the department, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.