Apache Kafka Startup Confluent Launches A Cloud Service With Bold Words For AWS

Forbes - Tech 

Confluent cofounders Neha Narkhede, CEO Jay Kreps and Jun Rao want to help companies use Kafka in the cloud. High-flying startup Confluent is bringing its open-source technology Apache Kafka to the cloud. In the years since its founders devised Kafka while at LinkedIn in 2010, the database streaming software has become one of tech's most popular ways to manage large amounts of data when it's needed fast. Investors have poured $80 million into the company launched by its creators, Confluent, valuing the buzzy startup at more than $530 million, according to data from PitchBook. As with any tech company built off an open-source project--just ask Docker, another high-flyer that recently brought on a third CEO--scaling a lasting and lucrative business off Kafka has trailed behind the popularity of its free version.