Waymo's self driving minivans 'don't understand basic road features' and struggle to turn left

Daily Mail - Science & tech 

Waymo is still struggling to teach its self driving cars basic driving manoeuvres as it prepares to launch its self driving taxi service. 'The Waymo vans have trouble with many unprotected left turns and with merging into heavy traffic in the Phoenix area, especially on highways,' according to The Information, which says the cars have a'Zoolander' problem similar to the Ben Stiller character in the hit film, who struggled to turn left on a catwalk. It also says the vans'don't understand basic road features, such as metered red and green lights that regulate the pace of cars merging onto freeways.' The Information's story cites five unnamed sources with direct knowledge of issues Waymo has encountered during the pilot program. One Twitter user recently captured the van on video struggling to join a highway.