10 Applications of Machine Learning in Oil & Gas


The modern world is becoming increasingly technology driven. Many areas, such as healthcare, have been quick to realise the possibilities. AI and machine learning in oil & gas focused sectors has been slower to establish itself. This is largely because the industry has been slow to realise the potential. However this is slowly changing. Machine learning in oil & gas can be used to enhance the capabilities of this increasingly competitive sector. Not only can it help to streamline the workforce. The technology can also be used to optimise extraction and deliver accurate models. These benefits are just some of the reasons why machine learning in oil & gas is becoming increasingly important. Here are 10 ways that the impact of machine learning in oil & gas industries is being felt. One of the most noticeable impacts of machine learning in oil & gas focused industries is how it transforms discovery processes. Applications employing machine learning in oil & gas enable computers to quickly and accurately analyse huge amounts of data. This includes being able to sift precisely through signals and noise in seismic data.