Machine Learning Scientist


Do you have expertise in Machine Learning? Could you use this experience to help us create game-changing solutions for healthcare problems? The George Institute for Global Health, part of the Nuffield Department of Women's & Reproductive Health at the University of Oxford, is looking for a Machine Learning Scientist to join the team and contribute to the development and implementation of the algorithmic core of a series of exciting new projects in Oxford Martin School's prestigious programme on Deep Medicine. The programme is focused on tackling major healthcare problems – in both policy and practice - with the application of modern machine learning algorithms (including, but not limited to deep learning) to large multi-modal medical data (e.g., medical records, genetics, medical imaging, and wearable). Your responsibilities will include: employing existing (and develop new) Machine Learning algorithms that can learn personalised and population-level patterns in multi-modal data; mapping the results of the Machine Learning works to innovative solutions for the delivery of care (e.g.