Dow Jones' DNA Platform Produces Big Data for Machine Learning


Dow Jones, the longstanding financial news behemoth founded more than 130 years ago, has developed its own mass data service called DNA that allows clients to extract pre-existing and real time data for their operations. Some of the biggest clients are industries such as biological surveillance, reinsurance and capital markets. The Data, News and Analytics platform, or DNA for short, was launched in March 2017 but is still in beta. General manager of the DNA Platform and Technology Partnerships at Dow Jones, Niranjan Thomas, explains the business case for making its data sets more readily available: "A couple of years back, what became really quite clear to us, both internally and from the market was that we really needed to be able to unlock all of the great data assets that we have and make it easier for one of our enterprise customers to be able to get at that data programmatically." This was achieved primarily through the use of APIs and presenting information through feeds.