Computers Start To Take Over List Of Most Successful Hedge Funds


Top hedge funds that use computers and quantitative models to trade financial markets have generated $113 billion in net gains over the years, making up a quarter of the total amount of net gains produced by the top 20 hedge funds in history. That's what LCH Investments' annual survey of the top 20 hedge fund managers shows, which for the first time includes data from some hedge funds that use systems-based investment approaches. According to LCH Investments, four of the top 20 hedge funds that have generated the highest amounts of net returns are highly reliant on algorithmic trading. Those hedge funds include billionaire Ray Dalio's Bridgewater Associates, which has produced $49.4 billion in net gains since inception, more than any other hedge fund. LCH has long included Bridgewater on its top 20 hedge fund managers list, but this year for the first time the list also includes three major hedge funds known for their computer and data-driven approaches to investing.

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