Yemen Girl Who Turned World's Eyes to Famine Is Dead

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The grievous human cost of the Saudi-led war in Yemen has jumped to the top of the global agenda as the outcry over the killing of the Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi prompts Western leaders to re-examine their support for the war. Recently, the United States and Britain, Saudi Arabia's biggest arms suppliers, called for a cease-fire in Yemen. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said it should take effect within 30 days. "We have got to move toward a peace effort here, and we can't say we are going to do it some time in the future," Mr. Mattis said on Tuesday. Riveting images of malnourished Yemenis like Amal -- one of 1.8 million severely malnourished children in Yemen -- have put a human face to fears that a catastrophic man-made famine could engulf the country in the coming months.

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