Tech employees on visas face layoffs, instability, and the threat of deportation amid industry upheaval


Employee layoffs at some of the world's biggest tech giants are churning up a flooded and volatile market. And, according to new reported estimates, that impact may be disproportionately devastating to a single population: Indian IT employees. Reported by financial news site Mint, a number of "industry insiders" estimate that between 30 and 40 percent of IT layoffs(Opens in a new window) affected employees on temporary work status from India. Given the nationwide estimate of 200,000 IT employees impacted directly by layoffs since November, this means potentially 80,000 people now face the task of finding stable work within 60 days before being forced to go back to their countries of origin. Most of these employees, including a huge swath of tech workers from China(Opens in a new window), are on non-immigrant work visas like the H-1B, a temporary three-year visa with an option for extension.

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