Katsura Imperial Villa to allow more visitors, charge ¥1,000 from November

The Japan Times 

The Katsura Imperial Villa, or Katsura-Rikyu, located in Kyoto and originally built as a holiday home for the Imperial family, will welcome more visitors from Nov. 1 at a charge of ¥1,000 for those aged 18 or older, the Imperial Household Agency said Tuesday. The maximum number of visitors will be raised to 480 -- more than double the current limit of 210. The number of one-hour tours conducted each day will increase fourfold from six to 24, with five being given in English. Currently, only those aged 18 or older can enter the villa, which was constructed in the 17th century and well-known for its beautiful Japanese garden. But from November, the age threshold will be lowered to 12. To cover expenses for the expanded operations, the agency will collect admission fees for the first time at properties it manages.

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