Niantic Labs To Entice Irregular 'Pokémon GO' Players With New Daily Quests Perks

International Business Times 

It seems Niantic Labs is pulling a desperate move in the wake of reports that "Pokémon GO's" popularity among players has declined. In its new attempt to lure back virtual Trainers, the software development company is said to be giving rewards to those who play or use the app daily. Pokemon GO Hub did some digging into the global-metadata.dat of version 0.43.3 for Android (1.13.3 for iOS) and it successfully discovered something that is worth sharing to players who may have become inactive in the AR world of "Pokémon GO." Based on the uncovered data, Niantic Labs has already seeded network and protobuf support for three types of Daily Quests -- an unknown type of quest, the First Catch of the Day Quest and the First PokéStop of the Day Quest. Thus, the company could just be waiting for the right time to turn on the Daily Quests feature. When players realize the Daily Quests, they could get rewards.

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