Blockchain Platforms: One Chain To Rule Them All? – Hacker Noon


To the outside world, today's hot topics are "is Bitcoin a bubble", and "where can I get Ripple?" But people are missing the point. They're missing the fundamental question that we should all be asking. I don't believe that today's focus should revolve around whether or not Bitcoin will still be around a few years from now. A more intriguing question is: "how will blockchain really change the world?" And even that question fails to consider whether the blockchains we have today can actually support these world changing applications. However, this exponentially growing market will continue to strongly highlight whether Blockchains can or could support a decentralised world. In this piece, we'll cover a handful of concepts and ideas and go into some technical aspects. I'll try not to delve too deep into individual concepts, so feel free to research further any of the topics we cover. It was Steve Jobs in his basement, Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, the caveman harnessing fire. It was the first digitally scarce asset.

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