Nvidia plans for a more robust Omniverse with avatars, synthetic data


Omniverse Replicator is a simulation framework that produces physically accurate synthetic data to accelerate training of deep neural networks for AI applications. NVIDIA has created Omniverse Replicators for DRIVE Sim - for training of AI perception networks for autonomous vehicles - and for Isaac Sim, for training robots. As enterprises prepare to bring more of their business and operations to the virtual world, Nvidia is building out Omniverse, its platform for extending workflows into the virtual sphere. The latest updates to the platform, introduced during GTC 2021, include Omniverse Avatar, a tool for creating embodied AIs, as well as Omniverse Replicator, a synthetic data-generation engine. Nvidia rolled out Omniverse in open beta last December -- nearly a year before Facebook committed to the concept of a "metaverse" by renaming itself Meta.

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