The Climate Activist vs. the Economics Minister: 'My Generation Has Been Fooled'

Der Spiegel International 

Geography student Luisa Neubauer, 22, of Göttingen is the German face of the "Fridays for Future" climate protection rallies inspired by Swedish teen environmental activist Greta Thunberg. In this interview, Neubauer, a member of the environmentalist Green Party, engages in a debate with German Economics Minister Peter Altmaier, 60, a member of the conservative Christian Democratic Union. DER SPIEGEL: Mr. Altmaier, you've been involved in politics since your school days. If you were still 16-years-old today, would you also go on strike for the climate, like Ms. Neubauer? Altmaier: I would participate in the demonstrations, but preferably on Saturdays or Sundays. DER SPIEGEL: You never skipped school for the CDU's youth organization, the Young Union? Altmaier: Back when I was in school, in our free time we sawed up border posts and campaigned for a Europe without internal borders, with a common currency and a European environmental policy.

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