Air Force To Spend Millions To Learn How To Make Humans Trust Robots


The United States Air Force wants robots and service members to be best buds on the battlefield. Last Friday, the Air Force announced a grant of 7.5 million for research on ways to make humans trust artificial intelligence (AI) so that people and machines can collaborate on missions. Soon service members in every branch of the Armed Forces will be working with AI on a daily basis--be it unmanned ariel vehicles, underwater drones, or robot soldiers (the U.S. Military had to shelve the Boston Dynamic L3 "robotic mule" because it was too loud, but last week the company revealed the much stealthier SpotMini). On November 1, 2014, (one week after Elon Musk compared developing AI to "summoning the demon") Undersecretary of Defense Frank Kendall issued a memo asking the Defense Science Board to study what issues must be solved in order to expand the use of AI "across all war-fighting domains." But robotic weapons and soldiers wont be as effective if their human counterparts don't trust them.

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