Uber Helped Trash-Ridden Beirut Recycle Electronic Waste For Earth Day

International Business Times 

When Hani Darwish rolled down his car window hoping to cool off from Beirut's hot afternoon, he was instantly met with the sickly sweet rotting smell of the Lebanese capital's newest inhabitant: uncollected garbage. Despite the stench, Darwish braved the deadlocked traffic and drove his Uber van around the city for four hours Friday, Earth Day, so he could collect recyclable items and help fix Lebanon's trash crisis. It's been nearly a year since the start of Lebanon's trash crisis, the result of a political disagreement that saw the capital's biggest landfill close, leaving garbage to plague the country. One solution was to promote more recycling, but for many living in Lebanon separating one's trash is a luxury they cannot afford. Driving bags of plastic and paper to one of the dozens of recycling centers is a trip that most people in Lebanon do not think is worth the hassle of traffic.