Oracle Named a Leader in Translytical Data Platforms by Major Research Firm


Today, Forrester Research named Oracle a leader in translytical data platforms, a database category which can handle a wide range of transactional and analytic workloads. "The Forrester Wave: Translytical Data Platforms, Q4 2019" report1 cites that, "unlike other vendors, Oracle uses a dual-format database (row and columns for the same table) to deliver optimal translytical performance," and that "customers like Oracle's capability to support many workloads including OLTP, IoT, microservices, multimodel, data science, AI/ML, spatial, graph, and analytics." "Oracle is pleased to be acknowledged as a leader by Forrester for its translytical database capabilities," said Juan Loaiza, Executive Vice President, Mission-Critical Database Technology, Oracle. "Oracle is setting the bar for the industry by offering a single converged database that brings together both transaction processing and analytic capabilities to provide our customers a mission-critical translytical data platform. Our converged database also provides built-in machine learning, spatial, graph, and JSON capabilities enabling our customers to easily run many kinds of workloads against the same data."

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