Hisense Wants to Make Cheap 4K HDR Look Expensive


One one end, you've got the expensive and futuristic moonshots; LG's carpaccio-thin OLEDs, Samsung's quantum-dot-infused ULED sets, and Sony's high-end panels. These sets are gorgeous, but they're priced so high that most people will only fantasize about owning one. Sub-$1,000 sets continue to get better, offering 4K resolution, HDR compatibility, and other features that rival the highest-end models from just a few years back. Not too long ago, that attractive blend of price and performance was a one-horse race: Vizio dominated the scene with its sub-$1,000 4K HDR options. Now, Vizio has heavy competition from Chinese manufacturers firming up their footholds in the US market.


Jan-7-2017, 20:30:02 GMT

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