Don't Forget what 'Deep' & 'Learning' Actually Mean


Think critically about whether you need to apply deep-learning to your datasets. Deep Learning, one of the "hottest" things in AI, has a way of seeping into popular culture as this mysterious, software that can make seemingly amazing classifications at human-level accuracy in Computer Vision, speech recognition, or play games like Go, recommend our favorite movies, and the like. But deep learning has crucial pitfalls, when it drives cars that sadly, more than once, have injured or killed their drivers or pedestrians because of silly image-recognition mistakes. Or, when deep learning is used for face-recognition ––something that clearly has adverse effects on people of color, LGBT, and other marginalized groups –– and if deep learning's face-prediction is used by institutions of power with a history of racism, LGBT-phobia, and tossed back and forth between private companies and governments –– deep-learning's pitfalls become frighteningly magnified. Another example is when Facebook's deep-learning neural translation machine led to the illegal arrest of a Palestinian man because of a post he made, at the end of 2017.

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