Big Data AI to Advance Modeling and Simulation


Military officials and industry experts have long discussed how artificial intelligence can benefit the warfighter. The technology promises to crunch mountains of data into easily digestible bites of actionable information and to predict when parts on a vehicle are about to wear out. However, there has been less emphasis on how it can improve modeling and simulations for training purposes -- a market area that is becoming increasingly important as service leaders across the board call for more investment to improve readiness. During the recent National Training and Simulation Association's Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference in Orlando, Florida, military officials and industry experts discussed the benefits of applying the emerging technology to such scenarios. Retired Rear Adm. James Robb, president of NTSA, the host of I/ITSEC and an affiliate of the National Defense Industrial Association, said there was a strong emphasis during the show on big data and artificial intelligence.