Top Startups To Work For In 2019 According To LinkedIn


Snowflake Computing, which helps companies move their data onto the cloud, leaped to first place from #20 last year and is currently hiring for positions in engineering and sales. Dosist is the first cannabis-centric company to ever make the Top Startups U.S. list. The company is rapidly growing due to the legalization of recreational marijuana (in 11 U.S. states so far) combined with its high-gloss marketing appeal. Samsara combines the power of hardware (think sensors and cameras) with analytical software to boost efficiency in industries like trucking and food production, and it has 180 open roles across everything from engineering to sales to marketing. DoorDash has doubled its employee base every year in its six-year history, and with its recent acquisition of competitor Caviar, the startup is revving up its growth. Brex, another newcomer to the list, is attempting to reinvent B2B financial services, starting with a first-of-its-kind corporate card for startups based on funding rather than credit history. Good American, a fitness fashion line founded by Khloe Kardashian, marks a shift in the retail landscape with its success as a body-positive company offering an inclusive range of sizes. Robinhood, the only company from 2018 to remain in the top ten, continues to grow by recruiting people who share its vision of democratizing the financial system. Peloton Interactive, another newcomer to the list, is shaking up the fitness industry with its live and recorded classes connected to at-home equipment. Compass has become the country's largest independent real estate brokerage, and it's planning to hire hundreds across its product and engineering teams over the next year to help build its end-to-end platform. Nuro, a robotics company in the race to get self-driving right with its small delivery pods, is expanding across all areas of its business with open roles in marketing, communications, engineering, and human resources. Glossier, the online beauty retailer is known for its millennial pink packaging, generated $100 million in sales last year and is now valued at $1.2 billion. When hiring for one of its 43 open positions, Glossier stresses the importance of transferable skills over beauty industry expertise.

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