Synechron Launches 14 AI Accelerators


Synechron, the global financial services consulting and technology company, announced Thursday (March 23) the launch of "Neo," a set of artificial intelligence (AI)-based tools for the financial services industry. In a press release, Synechron said that with Neo, financial institutions will be able deploy AI solutions that solve complex business challenges. "Financial institutions are looking to implement the latest technology to address real-world problems in financial services. Neo and Synechron's AI Accelerators will be pivotal in helping clients be at the forefront of technological advancement, while providing a comprehensive set of tools to ease and streamline processes. This will allow businesses to deploy technology-enabled processes that augment the role of individuals, allowing them to be elevated to higher-value business tasks," said Faisal Husain, Synechron co-founder & CEO, in the press release.