5 Ways 5G Wireless Networks Will Enhance Intelligent Transportation Systems Lanner


One of the most exciting ways in which 5G wireless networks will be used is within intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and development testing of such systems is already underway in some areas. ITS technologies look to improve and enhance the way in which transportation systems and infrastructure are used including traffic management, idle vehicle time, and congestion relief. As we enter the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, ITS technologies are beginning to incorporate other cutting-edge technologies such as 5G wireless networks and artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies in order to further enhance their capabilities, performance, and efficiency. Due to the nature of intelligent transportation systems, there are several ways in which the inclusion of modern 5G wireless networks could enhance and improve various aspects of their operation and performance. From enabling new and improved services such as smart tolling and parking to providing a smoother upgrade path for infrastructure to accommodate future additions, 5G wireless networks have the potential to significantly shift the intelligent transportation landscape.