[ICML2016] Ask a Workshop Anything: Deep Learning Workshop Session 2: Simulation-based Learning • /r/MachineLearning


I'm very excited to announce /r/MachineLearning is trying a new AMA format in collaboration with the organizers of the Deep Learning Workshop at ICML 2016: In this year's ICML Deep Learning Workshop, we depart from previous years' formats and experiment with a completely new format. The workshop will be split into two sessions, each consisting of a set of invited talks followed by a panel discussion. By organizing the workshop in this manner we aim to promote focused discussions that dive deep into important areas and also increase interaction between speakers and the audience. The second (afternoon) session of the workshop aims at answering the question "What does simulation-based learning bring to the table?" Under this broad theme, more specific questions may include "How transferrable is the knowledge learned from a simulation to the real world?",

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