Government bowel cancer screening register delayed to 'late 2019'


The Australian Department of Health has notified a joint committee that the National Cancer Screening Register for bowel cancer, being delivered by Telstra, will not be operational until late calendar 2019. Speaking before a public hearing of the Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit on Wednesday morning, Department of Health National Cancer Screening Taskforce First Assistant Secretary Bettina Konti said the department and Telstra are continuing to focus on delivering the cervical cancer screening register. "All our focus is on ensuring that we can complete the National Cancer Screening Register to support cervical screening, and for that reason we and Telstra Health have moved our resources into that in order to ensure that occurs. Once that is implemented and stable, the planning will recommence for bowel cancer transition," Konti told the committee. However, while late 2019 is the goal, Konti admitted that "there isn't a target date" for the bowel cancer screening register, because the inefficient paper-based register can continue being used until then.

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