Google moves head Japan office to Shibuya Stream building, launches campus for startups

The Japan Times 

Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai was in Tokyo on Tuesday to inaugurate the move of the company's Japanese head office to an expansive new complex in the Shibuya district. Taking up the majority of the gleaming new 35-floor Shibuya Stream building, Google has put its name on the building and dedicated two floors to the newly launched Google for Startups Campus, which is its seventh in the world and second in Asia, after Seoul. Agnieszka Hryniewicz-Bieniek, the director of Google for Startups, said the company will run an accelerator program early next year to select 12 startups looking to scale up their work on artificial intelligence and machine learning, both critical aspects of Google's current and future operations. She also stressed the importance of inclusiveness at an event where the Wi-Fi password was BuildInclusiveTeams. "We would like Campus Tokyo to support women founders," she said, adding that Google is proud that 37 percent of its campus participants are female entrepreneurs, a higher proportion than in the wider startup ecosystem. "So when they go to the next stage of growth, we're behind them, we're supporting them."

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