NSW Transport and Cisco to run AI and IoT trials to ease congestion on public transport


The New South Wales government has teamed up with Cisco to trial the use of AI, IoT, and edge computing technology to improve the reliability of public transport in Sydney and Newcastle. As part of the trial, Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is using IoT to enable physical objects to be "digitised" and connected to the transported network via sensors, while edge computing will be leveraged to take real-time data from connected objects to enable faster decision making. AI, meanwhile, will be used to assist with understanding data and automating the process. The technologies will be connected to several buses, ferries, and light rail vehicles in both cities, the state government said. "We've partnered with Cisco to investigate how a real-time view of vehicle supply and customer demand, and performance, can guide future network decisions, and monitor road conditions to identify where repair work is needed," Minister for Transport and Roads Rob Stokes said.

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