Homemade cotton masks can prevent 99.9% of coronavirus droplets from spraying into the air

Daily Mail - Science & tech 

More evidence has emerged that wearing masks can prevent an infected person from spreading the novel coronavirus to others. A new study found that homemade cotton face coverings stop 99.9 percent of contagious droplets from spraying into the air when someone coughs or speaks - and surgical masks prevented 100 percent of droplets. Tests showed a person standing six feet away from someone without a mask was up to 1,000 times greater risk of inhaling droplets than someone standing 1.5 feet away from a coughing person wearing a mask. What's more, even the homemade single-layer cotton mask reduced the number of infectious droplets by more than 1,000-fold. The team, from the University of Edinburgh's Roslin Institute in the UK, says the findings show the importance of wearing a face covering in public so that, if you are infected with COVID-19, you are not sickening others.