It's well known that imagination has no limits, we have the ability to visualize picture or new ideas, we produce and simulate novel objects, sensations and ideas in the mind without any immediate inputs of the sense. Imagination is so helpful to us that we can just create our past experience, we can change everything in our imagination we can control it, yeah some times it gets out of control due to our distraction and focus. What if we could simply stand in front of a tree and we get a pop up message of the specification of the entire tree? Let's imagine a different situation in which you meet some of your friends and wanted to say something to one of them, but you can't do so because it got completely out of your mind .I am pretty sure that this thing has troubled you all a lot and some of you might have had this thought that what if i had notes and reminder in my mind? SO THE QUESTION IS " IS THIS POSSIBLE?

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