CES 2022: AMD, Intel, and Nvidia make CPUs and GPUs buddy up


Late last year, I wrote about Apple's first M1 series-powered MacBook Pros and how the company spared no opportunity to bring out the big benchmark guns against its previous efforts as well as rivals. At CES, the empires (at least those that rule PC chips) struck back, with AMD, Intel, and Nvidia all announcing new versions of flagships that address the need to deliver more performance more efficiently. Among the techniques they've addressed, they've all performance and efficiency by tapping into the versatility of the Windows ecosystem for new ways for CPUs and GPUs to work together. With AMD having the longest history offering both CPUs and discrete GPUs, it's been no surprise to see the company embrace more intelligent power shifts between the two. The company upped its SmartShift technology for routing computational load between CPU and GPU to SmartShift Max.

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