Must High-Tech Expo Community Organizes Robotics Day Event in 2022


Must High-Tech Expo community organizes Robotics Day event to bring together professionals, designers, engineers, innovators, influencers, addicts, manufacturers from across the Robotics ecosystem to explore technology trends and innovations in 2022. Whether it be for professional services, consumer health and confort or for google world, robots have been always a fascinating technology driving creativity and imagination! We have seen recent years tremendous progress in robot technology thanks to chip integration and power savings advancements, massive connectivity deployment and the development of Voice & Face recognition combined with AI to bring much higher level of sophistication, autonomy, interactivity, and intelligence to Robots. In this conference we will deep dive and explore the latest trends and innovations on the Robots market from Robots & AI uses cases to Non-Industrial Robots to improve Human live and the latest trends for Industrial Robots. Among the speakers, you will meet leaders of the Robots industry as well as most recognized startups with disruptive technologies.

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