Amazon claims Rekognition can now detect fear


Amazon Web Services' facial recognition technology, Rekognition, can now detect fear. At least, that's according to Amazon -- but given that the tech has been proven inaccurate again and again, it's hard to say whether the newly announced capability actually works as advertised. On Monday, Amazon Web Services (AWS) published a blog post detailing several updates to its controversial tech, including improved accuracy at detecting seven emotions on a person's face -- happy, sad, angry, surprised, disgusted, calm, and confused -- with fear added as an eighth emotion. The company also claimed it had improved Rekognition's ability to estimate a person's gender as well as their age, with the tech now providing a narrower range of possibilities for most age groups. The announcement of the updates was met by a wave of criticism online, with cloud computing economist Corey Quinn noting that the move seems incredibly ill-timed given recent controversy surrounding Rekognition.

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