Robotics: A boon for spine surgeons


Recent advancements in spine surgery have come in the form of robotics, a specialised approach to a complex procedure that allows planning a surgery and facilitates highly accurate and predictable execution of the plan. Robotics is particularly helpful in inserting implants in the spine; for a spine surgeon, robotics is a boon, and has marked the beginning of a new era in spine surgery. Planning is the foundation of surgical robotics; the ability to plan a surgery in an advanced 3D visual environment allows a surgeon to factor any unique anatomy or challenges associated with the patient much ahead of the surgery. The technology allows surgeons to use images from a computerised tomography scan (CT scan) taken before surgery to create a blueprint for each case. These images are loaded into a computerised 3D planning system so that in the operating room, surgeons do the physical surgery while the system guides his or her instruments based on pre-operative planning of spinal implant placement.