Disabled Japanese lawmaker makes history as first in wheelchair to attend Q&A session

The Japan Times 

A lawmaker with severe physical disabilities highlighted the various difficulties disabled people encounter in their daily lives as she attended her first interpellation in the Diet on Tuesday since she was elected in July. "I want to ask questions so more rational considerations will be made" in society for people with disabilities, Eiko Kimura, who has cerebral palsy, said to the standing committee of land and transport. Kimura won a seat in the July 21 Upper House election as a member of Reiwa Shinsengumi, an anti-establishment political group founded in April by actor-turned-politician Taro Yamamoto. For roughly 30 minutes she raised questions about the barrier-free accessibility of evacuation shelters during typhoons and other natural disasters, as well as the availability of toilets for the disabled. According to the House of Councilors, it marks the first time a lawmaker requiring a wheelchair and an aide due to a disability has asked questions during an interpellation session.

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