As adoption of artificial intelligence accelerates, can the technology be trusted? - SiliconANGLE


The list of concerns around the use of artificial intelligence seems to grow with every passing week. Issues around bias, the use of AI for deepfake videos and audio, misinformation, governmental surveillance, security and failure of the technology to properly identify the simplest of objects have created a cacophony of concern about the technology's long-term future. One software company recently released a study which showed only 25% of consumers would trust a decision made by systems using AI, and another report commissioned by KPMG International found that a mere 35% of information technology leaders had a high level of trust in their own organizations' analytics. It's a bumpy journey for AI as the technology world embarks on a new decade and key practitioners in the space are well aware that trust will ultimately determine how widely and quickly the technology becomes adopted throughout the world. "We want to build an ecosystem of trust," Francesca Rossi, AI ethics global leader at IBM Corp., said at the digital EmTech Digital conference on Monday.

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