Inquiry says technology could boost the value of Australia's agriculture sector by AU$20b


An inquiry into growing Australia's agriculture sector to AU$100 billion by 2030 has highlighted that digital technology will be key to driving growth in Australia's agriculture. The inquiry, conducted by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Agriculture and Water Resources and chaired by Liberal MP Rick Wilson, estimated that digital agriculture could add AU$20 billion to the value of the sector. "A boost of this size would, by itself, cover the projected shortfall required to reach the AU$100 billion by 2030 target," the Growing Australia report [PDF] said. The inquiry was launched last September to investigate whether the National Farmers' Federation's goal to grow the country's agriculture sector to AU$100 billion by 2030 would be attainable. Read: CSIRO using artificial intelligence to map 1.7m Australian grain paddocks In releasing the findings, Wilson described the target as ambitious but achievable.

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