Amazon Launches EHR-Integrated, Machine Learning-Powered Transcription Service


As part of re:Invent, today AWS announced Amazon Transcribe Medical, a new HIPAA-eligible, machine learning automatic speech recognition (ASR) service that allows developers to add medical speech-to-text capabilities to their applications. Transcribe Medical provides accurate and affordable medical transcription, enabling healthcare providers, IT vendors, insurers, and pharmaceutical companies to build services that help physicians, nurses, researchers, and claims agents improve the efficiency of medical note-taking. Today, clinicians can spend up to an average of six additional hours per day, on top of existing medical tasks, just writing notes for electronic health record (EHR) data entry. Not only is the processing time consuming and exhausting for physicians, but it is also a leading factor of workplace burnout and stress that distracts physicians from engaging patients attentively, resulting in poorer patient care and rushed visits. While medical scribes have been employed to assist with manual note-taking, the solution is expensive, difficult to scale across thousands of medical facilities, and some patients find the presence of a scribe uncomfortable, leading to less candid discussions about symptoms.