Essential California: A family returns to Mexico with U.S.-born children in tow

Los Angeles Times 

Faced with diminishing job prospects and a president who promised to make life harder for them, 6-year-old Luz Madrigal's mother and father -- immigrants in the country illegally -- decided to go back to Mexico. They joined more than a hundred people voluntarily returning since January to Mexico with the help of consulates in Los Angeles, Houston and Chicago. Thousands of others across the country have also gone to Latin American consulates seeking dual citizenship for their U.S.-born children after President Trump's inauguration. Plus: For parents who brought their children into the country illegally and have decided to stay, there's always the worry, the guilt and the fear of not knowing if today is their last day in the United States. Police said a Whittier businessman named Richard Wall is a suspect in three execution-style slayings in L.A. and Las Vegas.