Guide to Interpretable Machine Learning


If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. Disclaimer: This article draws and expands upon material from (1) Christoph Molnar's excellent book on Interpretable Machine Learning which I definitely recommend to the curious reader, (2) a deep learning visualization workshop from Harvard ComputeFest 2020, as well as (3) material from CS282R at Harvard University taught by Ike Lage and Hima Lakkaraju, who are both prominent researchers in the field of interpretability and explainability. This article is meant to condense and summarize the field of interpretable machine learning to the average data scientist and to stimulate interest in the subject. Machine learning systems are becoming increasingly employed in complex high-stakes settings such as medicine (e.g. Despite this increased utilization, there is still a lack of sufficient techniques available to be able to explain and interpret the decisions of these deep learning algorithms.

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