The Future of AI Part 3


This article will focus on the impact of AI, 5G, Edge Computing on the healthcare sector in the 2020s as well as a section on Quantum Computing's potential impact on AI, healthcare and financial services. The next in the series will deal with how we can use AI in the fight against climate change including the protection of the Amazon, smart cities and AGI. For those who are new to AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, I recommend taking a look at the following article entitled "An Introduction to AI." I will refer to Machine Learning and Deep Learning as being subsets of AI. Furthermore, this article is non-exhaustive in relation to potential applications of AI to healthcare and Quantum Computing to various sectors of the economy. The reason for the focus on AI in healthcare is in light of recent articles by a few senior medical practitioners in the US expressing concern about the role of AI in healthcare. Some of the concerns expressed such as the need for improved sharing of data ...

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