Hands-on with Vizio's new Google Cast TV

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This morning, Vizio announced its latest batch of TVs in the form of the 2016 Vizio P Series. These new 4K/UHD sets are the direct descendants of the 2014 TVs of the same name, albeit with some serious picture improvements--thanks in no small part to Vizio's work engineering the Dolby Vision-compatible Reference Series that we just reviewed. I just spent a little time with the full 2016 P Series lineup, and while I can only speculate right now, they're an extremely impressive group of TVs given their starting prices. Between stock footage and Vizio's dark-room demo, the TVs look to have enough brightness/color for some semblance of High Dynamic Range--but it's the new SmartCast feature people should really be excited about. While we can't outright recommend you pull the trigger just yet, the P Series has a pretty good track record.