How EdTech Needs To Get Back To School

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In spite of the fact the EdTech market is predicted to reach $252 Billion by 2020 and that over $1 billion was invested in the sector in the US this year alone, many promising initiatives in the sector fail to make any real lasting impact. This is something that Vikas Pota is looking to change by putting education at the heart of the technology discussion. After eight years as CEO of the Varkey Foundation, Pota has now been appointed as Group Chief Executive of Tmrw Digital, Sunny Varkey's new holding company which will oversee all his EdTech businesses and investments, as well as set up a research institute dedicated to finding ways of leveraging technology to democratize access to education. My role at the Foundation taught me how incredibly complex EdTech is. You have this fundamental conflict between a really innovative group of technology entrepreneurs and a schooling system that dates back to the first industrial revolution."

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