How Shipping Giant Maersk Dealt With a Malware Meltdown, And Other Security News This Week


When a piece of unprecedented malicious software rampages through thousands of critical networks around the world, it tends to get our full attention. And this week's digital plague, known as Petya (or NotPetya or Nyetya) proved especially vicious. It paralyzed thousands of computers, including those of Ukrainian government agencies, transportation infrastructure, and companies, as well as international targets including Danish shipping firm Maersk and US pharmaceutical giant Merck. It avoided the mistakes made by the hackers behind the last global ransomware outbreak known as WannaCry, skipping the sort of "kill-switch" that neutered that earlier ransomware crisis. And some researchers are starting to believe it may have been just another offensive in Ukraine's long-running cyberwar with Russia, though this time with collateral damage felt around the world.