5 Things About the Samsung Galaxy S9 I Like Better Than Apple's iPhone X

TIME - Tech 

Samsung's latest pair of iPhone rivals, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9, hit stores on March 16. And this year it's all about the camera: Samsung's new phones have a mechanical dual aperture that can adjust depending on the lighting and a new Super Slo-mo feature that automatically creates GIFs from your footage. If you're switching from an Apple iPhone, there are plenty of more subtle features that have existed on Samsung phones and other Android devices for years that may be worth paying attention to. After spending more than a week using the Galaxy S9 instead of the iPhone X, here are five features that stood out to me that Apple's smartphone is missing. The screen on Samsung's smartphones can show information like the time, date, battery level, and notification icons even when the display is turned off -- essentially allowing it to double as a bedside clock.

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