Gorsuch is pushing Supreme Court to the right on religion, guns and gays

Los Angeles Times 

Homeland Security will tighten airport security - but won't ban laptops Tougher airport screening but no laptop ban for flights headed to U.S. Crunch time for McConnell after he is forced to delay Senate healthcare vote for at least 10 days Some in conservative media raise concerns about proposed GOP cuts in medicaid Trump succeeds where Obama failed - spawning a new wave of liberal activism Senate healthcare bill would add 22 million uninsured and raise costs for poor and sick, Congressional Budget Office says Tougher airport screening but no laptop ban for flights headed to U.S. When Judge Neil M. Gorsuch went before the Senate in March as President Trump's first nominee to the Supreme Court, he sought to assure senators he would be independent and above the political fray. "There is no such thing as a Republican judge or Democratic judge," he said more than once. But in just his first few weeks on the high court, Justice Gorsuch has shown himself to be a confident conservative activist, urging his colleagues to move the law to the right on religion, gun rights, gay rights and campaign funding. He dissented along with Justice Clarence Thomas when the court rejected a gun-rights challenge to California's law that strictly regulates who may carry a concealed weapon. "The 2nd Amendment's core purpose," they said, shows "the right to bear arms extends to public carry."

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