The Power Of Artificial Intelligence In The Medical Field - AI Summary


A strong spasm, or abrupt contraction, of a coronary artery, which can block blood flow to the heart muscle, is a less common reason. As a result of improvements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, it is now possible to detect and diagnose diabetes in its early stages using an automated procedure that is more efficient than manual diagnosis. Based on autonomous comparison with a huge collection of typical fundus photos, the server uses IDx-DR software and a "deep-learning" algorithm to discover retinal abnormalities compatible with DR. One of two outcomes is provided by the software: (1) Refer to an eyecare professional (ECP) if more than moderate DR is discovered; (2) If the results are negative for more than mild DR, rescreen in 12 months. Machine learning algorithms and their ability to synthesize extremely complex data may open up new avenues for tailoring drugs to a person's genetic composition.

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